i-Omni Desk Platform

Cloud-Based Omni-Channel Contact Center Counseling Application SaaS Service

The i-Omni Desk Platform service is operated on the AWS(Amazon Web Service) cloud platform, ensuring stability, scalability, and reliability. Additionally, it is integrated with Genesys Cloud SDK, making it flexible for seamless integration with the APIs provided by Genesys Cloud and easy customization according to user requirements. When users authenticate with Genesys Cloud service licenses, they are granted access to the i-Omni Desk platform via Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling them to provide multi-channel interaction and counseling services offered by i-Omni Desk in a unified interface.

i-Smart Manager

Cloud-Based Omni-Channel Contact Center Integrated Operations Management SaaS Service

The i-Smart Manager service is operated on the AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud platform, ensuring stability, scalability, and reliability. Additionally, it provides real-time call monitoring, overall agent status, call aggregation statistics, and dashboards, allowing administrators to have a comprehensive view of the contact center's operational status at a glance. It can collect data for all calls provided by Genesys Cloud and load it into a database, making it easy to customize according to user requirements. The service offers the ability to seamlessly access and manage the distributed multiple statistics screens provided by Genesys Cloud on the user interface.

i-Smart Call

Genesys Cloud-based User-installed CTI Softphone SaaS Service

The i-Smart Call service is a web-based service that operates by installing a runtime program on the user's desktop PC and authenticating login credentials through Genesys Cloud service licenses. It is optimized for CTI softphone contact center operations, providing essential features. This service is designed for situations where it is necessary to use the user's own local counseling application because integrating Genesys Cloud's CTI softphone can be challenging. The i-Smart Call service can be used on user PC with Windows 7 or higher operating systems, and we offer the convenience of registering it as a Windows system tray icon.

Call Counseling Service

Provides Cloud-based CTI softphone, integrated screen control for inbound and outbound customer service and contact management functions on a single screen.

Chatting Counseling Service

Provides Cloud-based real-time web/app chat live support and scenario bot counseling features in a single screen.

E-mail Counseling Service

Provides Cloud-based email counseling and counseling management features on a single screen."

Website Counseling Service

Provides Cloud-based website webboard support and management features on a single screen.


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