i-Smart Helper

Cloud based omni channel VOC counseling application SaaS service

i-Smart Helper service is provided to systematically handle and manage Voice of Customer (VOC) received through various contact channels such as phone, email, web forums, chat, and in-person visits. The service is not being handled by contact center agents, but it is received, distributed, transferred, processed, approved, and improved by the contact center's back-office organization or field operation teams. The service provides different screens interfaces to users based on their permission, for staffs, managers, and administrators. The service provides the capability to monitor the progress of all process from VOC reception to completion. Additionally, when i-Omni Desk Platform and i-Smart Helper service are used together, it provides an enterprise-wide customer service environment based on the One-Stop Circular CX(Customer Experience) system.

Call Counseling Service

Provides Cloud-based CTI softphone, integrated screen control for inbound and outbound customer service and contact management functions on a single screen.

Chatting Counseling Service

Provides Cloud-based real-time web/app chat live support and scenario bot counseling features in a single screen.

E-mail Counseling Service

Provides Cloud-based email counseling and counseling management features on a single screen."

Website Counseling Service

Provides Cloud-based website webboard support and management features on a single screen.

The features and advantages of the i-Smart Helper

- Multi-tenant Architecture structure for Cloud SaaS
- Service available solely through web browser access on an internet infrastructure
- Multi web browser and cross browser support
- Support for simultaneous handling of omnichannel counseling tasks on a single view screen
- Maximizing user convenience through user experience-centric user interface screen structure
- With support for an open API architecture ease of updating new features and scalability
- Web service resource Auto scaling and load balancing architecture
- Automate support for DB backup and file recovery
- Encrypting and storing customer information in DB

i-Omni Desk


  • · Omnichannel interaction counseling (call, chat, email)
  • · CTI Softphone control and status management
  • · Chat counseling waiting, receive, end
  • · email counseling waiting
  • · In.Outbound call counseling contents store and history retrieval
  • · Ticket number retrieval and ticket transfer
  • · Transfer reception
  • · Counseling status retrieval
  • · Temporary save
  • · Callback execution and callback retrieval
  • · Survey execution and reservation
  • · Customer sending
  • · Counseling knowledge search and knowledge management
  • · Counseling information and management
  • · Counseling assignment management
  • · Campaign management
  • · Evaluation management
  • · Omnichannel counseling statistics

i-Smart Manager


  • · Realtime dashboard(by group, by center)
  • · Statistics by tenant
  • · Overall monitoring
  • · Incoming queue, in call
  • · After call work, log in, log out, on hold
  • · Waiting queue, incoming call, abandoned call
  • · completed call, Response rating
  • · Queue monitoring
  • · Agent status
  • · Call statistics by agent
  • · Call statistics by queue
  • · Call statistics by DNIS
  • · Agent work status
  • · Group statistics
  • · Agent status monitoring
  • · Performance by channel
  • · Queue management by agent

i-Smart Call


  • · Genesys Cloud based user desktop installable CTI softphone
  • · Agent inbound call status control
  • · Inbound call information retrieval
  • · Agent outbound call status control
  • · Agent individual dashboard
  • · Saving counseling contents and retrieving call history retrieval
  • · Callback management
  • · Log in management
  • · Extension number management
  • · Agent queue management
  • · User interface minimization and resizing
  • · Registering Windows system tray icon on program launch
  • · A suitable service for environments where integration between user’s contact center counseling application and Genesys Cloud CTI softphone is not possible

i-Smart Helper


  • · Registration of VOC contact channels (phone, email, web bulletin board, chat, in-person visit)
  • · VOC registration
  • · My VOC
  • · Customer sending
  • · VOC receive and history retrieval
  • · VOC management
  • · FAQ retrieval and management
  • · VOC distribution
  • · VOC processing
  • · VOC approval
  • · VOC transfer
  • · VOC processing absence management
  • · VOC common phrase management
  • · VOC counseling statistics

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