UBICUS is continuously hiring both entry level and experienced professionals.

Position and eligibility criteria for applicants

The goal is to have a balance of personality, attitude, skills, and leadership capabilities, as well as global knowledge and capabilities. Based on such capabilities, informational thinking, creative and convergent thinking, sharing and collaborative thinking, global thinking, public interest thinking, and the ability to adapt to change are required, and the core value of Ubicus' organizational culture is trust. Spirit of challenge. Passion. innovation. It's consideration.

  • (Personality)
  • (Attitude)
  • (Skill)
  • (Leadership)

Recruitment category and application qualifications

Recruitment Position Occupation Carrer Level Eligibility Criteria
Software Production
Responsive Web
Experienced Professionals
  • A graduate of a 4-year regular University with experience in web development (4 years or more)
  • Experience in designing and developing MVC Model-based Frameworks
  • Experience in Java, JSP, and JavaScript development
  • Experience in semantic web development
  • Experience in AI-based Machine Learning development
  • Experience in Modeling development using R and Python
  • Experience in CRM business development
  • Experience in High-capacity Big data processing
  • Experience in development based on AWS Cloud Architecture, and experience in commercial DBMS (Oracle, MS-SQL) and open-source DBMS
  • Able to use Windows, Linux, and Unix
  • Undergraduate and graduate students majoring in related fields from 4-year accredited universities
  • Master's and Doctoral degrees in related fields (both prospective and current graduates(preferred)
System Engineering SIP Network based
System Software
Experienced Professionals
  • Over 3-year of development experience
Business Management Project Management
  • Over 7-year of PM experience
Technical Sales Software solution Sales
  • Over 7-year of Solution Sales experience
Marketing Software solution Marketing
  • Over 4-year of Software production planning experience

* Common Eligibility Requirement : Those with no disqualifications for overseas travel

* Recruitment :

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