Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud-Based Omni-Channel Contact Center Counseling Application SaaS Service

The integration of AI-based chatbot builder service and text analysis service creates new value for customer experience services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) When you enter your personal information in the required fields for inquiries about implementation and submit it, you will receive an email regarding approval for usage.

2) You can confirm the receipt of the usage approval email, which contains a URL link that allows users to apply for the service.

3) After clicking the 'Sign up Service' button upon accessing the received URL link, you can see the following screen.

4) According to the relevant service category below, please enter the information for each, and then submit your service registration application.

5) After completing the service registration application, an email for service registration verification will be sent to the registered email address.

6) After entering your company ID, user ID, and password, you can access and use the service.

1) Click on “Start Service” at the top of the homepage to register your company for the first time.

2) The initially registered user will become the administrator for that company.

3) After the administrator logs in using their login information, they can access the service registration page on the main screen.

4) On the service page, you can click on the desired service and request a "Demo" to freely experience the service for 10 days.

5) During the demo period, you can invite up to 5 users as a maximum.

6) To invite users, click the “Invite Team Members” button on the main screen, enter their information, and register. An invitation email will be sent to the provided email address.

7) The invited person can complete their registration by confirming the email and entering their login information after approval.

( Note: In some cases, the email may be classified as spam and not be displayed. Please also check your spam folder. )

1) The service license levels are provided in three formats : Basic, Standard, Premium, depending on the interactions channels and selected features.

2) The demo version is offered free of charge for 10 days when newly registered and can be used with a maximum of 5 invited users. (Note: The CTI softphone call consultation feature is available only for Genesys Cloud customers.)

3) Users can request approval for service usage by clicking on the service license level after log in.

4) When a user requests approval for service usage by clicking on the Basic service license level, they can receive approval within 1 to 2 days after review.

5) When a user requests approval for service usage by clicking on the Standard and Premium service license levels, they can receive approval within 3 to 5 days after review.

6) Users have no registration constraints, but service can be requested for a minimum of 5 users or more.

7) The usage fees based on the service license level must be paid as a lump sum annually.

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